UPbit lists Blockmason’s BCPT

Blockmason Credit Protocol Token (BCPT) is now listed on UPbit — a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea that was launched in partnership with one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the world, Bittrex.

The listing of BCPT by UPbit is a step towards forging a significant milestone in the global debt and credit markets by opening up new channels of transparency and efficiency.

Being the first major ethereum-based protocol built on the blockchain for indelible recording of mutually verified person-to-person debts, in the midst of a global debt market of more than $100 Trillion USD, Blockmason’s Credit Protocol and BCPT token enable innovation with enormous potential.

With Credit Protocol enabling the recording of debts and credits on the blockchain, developers can build applications for a variety of use cases involving debts and credits such as microfinancing, consumer loans, gift cards, and loyalty programs.

The Blockmason team is working on releasing its first app Lndr developed on top of the Credit Protocol, which will track debts and credits between friends and family. Blockmason also aims to support current owners of BCPT tokens (which act as a license for using the Credit Protocol) towards building their own consumer or commercial-driven applications.

//Blockmason Team

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