Sunday Funday: Art and Other Things

Something a little lighter for the weekend before the product and hiring announcements start up next week…


97.4% of crypto action happens on Telegram, and we want to provide the stickers that drive the experience and build up hype across chats.

We’re having artists work in their spare time on this, and now have a big pack of Blockmason stickers that we’re going to release next week. They’re a bit goofy, but it’s an easy way to spread the word about the project.

We also want your ideas: tell us in chat about all the stickers you want, no matter how wacky they are, and we’ll make them happen if they make Tim laugh.



Also as a fun thing in our downtime, we’re preparing a more narrative series of comics in the style of Calvin and Hobbes meets Rick and Morty. It’s still in the planning stages, but the initial story arcs will be happening quite soon.

This Week

We’ve finished interviewing and testing a couple new hires in programming, corporate structure, and operations/admin. We’ll be announcing everyone over the next few days as we finalize the terms of their employment. Really excited!