Preparing for Launch — And the Road Ahead!

With the first version of Lndr nearly ready to be launched on the mainnet the question of what Blockmason’s developers will be up to next may come to mind. Blockmason sees its main role going forward to be providing ongoing support for the Credit Protocol and adding new features to both the protocol and lighter support to Lndr.

Roadmap. While we do have a roadmap available that roadmap neglects to mention the significant time commitment and resources expected to be spent on on-boarding and providing support to third parties who want to use the Credit Protocol.

Active Discussion. On a daily basis, we are already engaged in active discussions with parties who own BCPT and want to put it to use in building apps. Our goal is to help on-board them to the Credit Protocol, provide guidance and support however possible.

Documentation. Beginning at the end of the fourth quarter of 2017, following the release of Lndr, BlockMason will be dedicating a large portion of developer time to preparing extensive documentation of the protocol and documenting various use case examples of the protocol.

Getting Started. While we may spend time working on additional apps to Lndr, our goals as a company center largely around providing support to our existing customers in helping them utilize and build on the Credit Protocol. The UCACs developed serve as a means for customers to immediately get started with their projects without taking a lot of time to get things rolling.

Guiding New Entrants. Blockmason has already been contacted by a number of interested parties looking to build on the Credit Protocol. They’re excited about the patents Blockmason has developed along with the developer support Blockmason is able to provide. Companies not directly in the blockchain space are excited to understand how the blockchain can help their existing credit related companies.

BCPT Inquiries Welcome. We welcome inquiries, partnership discussions, and onboarding support discussions from our buyers, and are excited by the awesome new developments in our community!

Thank you for your support for our project, and during the next few months be ready to see some major announcements about these various partnerships.

// Blockmason Team