Our Vision

Human beings have always loved to keep records. Records tell our stories – of people, communities, entire civilizations, help educate our children, and make sense of the world.

The history of humanity is the history of records. And in every century, there is a revolution - what was once etched into stone would one day be written onto parchment, to be replaced by typewriters and then by computers. Each of these revolutions has made a profound impact on our everyday lives.

The Next Revolution is Blockchain

At Blockmason, we are blockchain developers building the next wave of apps and protocols that allows us to keep the most reliable, accurate and secure records we’ve ever seen. Our lives are formed by our records. Let’s make them better.

The Next Wave of Blockchain Adoption

We believe the next wave of blockchain adoption will come from enterprises and consumers. Blockmason spearheads the enterprise adoption of blockchain technology by offering our expertise in developing fast, secure and reliable private-chains to help existing industries reduce cost, keep ahead of technology, eliminate inefficient processes, and gain a competitive advantage to those that choose to maintain their legacy systems. In addition to consultation services related to software development and strategy, Blockmason help companies tokenize their existing products and services.


With a successful token sale on October 16th, 2017, Blockmason demonstrated our software development capabilities by publishing our working Credit Protocol product on the Ethereum network. Our corporate philosophy is to deliver practical products that add value to our daily lives and in UX/UI formats consumers are accustomed to seeing. Therefore, on March 5th, 2018 we delivered the one of the first mobile applications that interacts with the Blockchain, Lndr.io (available now in iOS and Android app stores). Lndr is bill splitting and expense sharing mobile dapp that’s a proof of concept of what can be developed on the Credit Protocol.