Our Developments and Updates

We welcome our community members who signed up as one of the first users of Lndr to our dApp family!

Since our launch on March 5th, we’ve made few updates that will make Lndr even more fun to use. These updates include:

  • UX has been improved on Android when setting a PIN
  • Issue with uploading profile picture on iOS has been fixed
  • UX has been improved on Settle Up screen and Recover Account screen to adjust for the keyboard
  • UI now specifies that BCPT address is same as ETH address
  • $200 weekly ETH transfer limit is calculated based on the Etherscan history of your transactions
  • UI now shows a message if the mnemonic is the wrong length prior to restoring an account
  • Main UI screens can be pulled down to refresh
  • Email validation is more robust and does not prevent registration with certain email types
  • Nickname is automatically converted to lowercase as it is typed in
  • The ETH Balance text on the homescreen no longer goes off the edge of the screen
  • Switched Profile Pic photo picker to use native photo picker and camera
  • After submitting a transaction, Android ‘back’ button no longer goes to back to previous transaction screens
  • My Account screen no longer shows erroneous ‘can’t get profile photo’ error message
  • On logout, UI displays “You have successfully logged out” message
  • Friend view and balances do not include pending transactions
  • Now friend requests must be confirmed by both people before they officially become Lndr friends!
  • If you settled your debts and credits outside of Lndr – you can now update those records on Lndr to Settled Up
  • On the Login page, a user is now directly navigated to Home screen
  • Added a share button to the Friends screen to share the app download link
  • Lndr now has the link to Etherscan, so you can track all of your transaction history!

As always, we thank you for your continuous support. We will be making more announcements as we have them, and invite you to join us in our mission of shaping and becoming the foundation of the credit industry on the blockchain.

P.S. We are excited to announce a competition for the best dApp idea built on the Credit Protocol. 10 winners will get free tickets to the Global Blockchain Forum hosted on April 2-3 in Silicon Valley. Learn more about the competition here.

If you don’t want to participate in the competition, but want to join us at Global Blockchain Forum and meet our CEO Michael Chin speak together with Tim Draper, Michael Arrington and Vinny Lingham, we are happy to have 50% discounted tickets for our community members! Use code GBF-BLOCKMASON50 at a checkout.

// Blockmason Team

Telegram: https://t.me/blockmason
App Download: https://lndr.io/
Blockmason Website: https://blockmason.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/blockmasonio