Our Comics

When the Blockmason team founded our company, we didn’t envision ourselves slaving away at a nine-to-five, encased in the deathless concrete of some random office building in some random office park, no matter how ergonomic the chairs. Nor did we hope to build a hip, Segway-and-ball-pit-studded company culture a la Silicon Valley. No, we envisioned a fantasy-land for real adults–like Entourage, but with more computers, donuts, and memes.

As much as we enjoy writing Solidity code aimed at igniting the revolution that is Web 3.0, we also believe in the power of content, the therapy of humor, and the unstoppable wave of the meme revolution. In our new comics portal, we will be releasing multiple comics each week (some featured on our excellent Medium blog!) that tell the story of the great Ethereum heroes of the past, present, and future. And, while we’re at it, we may produce more content aimed at our growing blockchain community–as long as it’s fun, too. As long as it’s fun.

If you want to get a hodl of the new section, check it out here:
Blockmason Comics