Lndr and What’s Next

Where Lndr Is At

Ok, first of all some Lndr updates. The app is working and has passed functionality tests in private beta with no problems. Yesterday, the first screenshot of the new UI/UX was released–we’re quite proud of it:
That UI is being implemented into code now, we’ll announce testing and release dates as the features are locked in.

Ethereum Settlement in Lndr

Our CTO, Tim, has spec’d out Lndr’s Ethereum settlement feature, and it is now being implemented. We have tentative legal approval to allow Eth settlement between people’s Lndr programs, using the program as a wallet between Lndr users. We’ll announce the exact limits and settlement features once we have that final approval.

The Credit Protocol Dapp Tutorial Christmas Presents ?

If you think Lndr was a cool mobile app, and you or a special developer in your life wants to make something like it, you’re in luck! We developed a lot of pretty cool code in the course of making Lndr, and we’re now in the process of writing tutorials on how to use it. We’ll announce those as they’re released, but hopefully you won’t have to worry a lot about how to sign transactions, manage keys, and let your users interact with your dapps.

The tutorials will assume a knowledge of Javascript, but no Solidity experience will be required. We’ll notify our users in Telegram as each tutorial comes out.

Sweet New Credit Protocol Apps

Now that we’ve released Lndr, some of our team members have had some ideas of their own. We’re happy to link to them here, as well as help community members with any apps they want to write.

As a sneak preview, one of the next apps coming will be an app to track all the odds and bets you’ve made with your friends, with integrated Eth settlement, and eventually oracle consulting to settle out the debts. The current working name is Gmblr, and a Link is coming once the first github commits are made!


Finally, we know that Ethereum scaling is an issue that many of you are worried about. Tim is working right now on a blog post series about the Credit Protocol’s scaling plans for the next 1-2 months, how we’ll handle the Eth issues for apps that need very low transaction fees, and how BCPT will fit into that new ecosystem as it’s developed.

As always, if you want to know more, hit us up in the Telegram chat!

Merry Early Christmas! ?☃?