Lndr v1.2 for iOS and Android Has Arrived, Along With PayPal Integration and Fiat Currency Settlement!

If you are a member of the Blockmason Telegram community, read our Weekly Update newsletter or follow our social media, you likely saw that today marks the release of Lndr v1.2. If you are new to Blockmason, Lndr is our peer-to-peer bill splitting, expense sharing and casual debt settlement mobile DApp for iOS and Android which uses the Credit Protocol and Ethereum blockchain to record data. Essentially, it’s the "Venmo of the Blockchain."

The release of Lndr v1.2 marks a significant milestone in Lndr’s development, as we have added the ability for our users to record and settle casual debts in more than 20 fiat currencies. Before today, Lndr users could record IOUs and debts in various major currencies, but could only settle up in Ether (ETH.) Now, thanks to our new PayPal integration, Lndr users can choose to settle up in Ether or in any of the currencies that PayPal supports. To our knowledge, we are the only peer-to-peer expense sharing app that allows its users to settle in their choice of fiat or cryptocurrency.

At Blockmason, we stand proud to be one of the only blockchain technology companies which have delivered functional base-layer technology and useful DApps. First conceived as a showcase for the Credit Protocol - have you been with us long enough to remember Friend in Debt? - Lndr has continued to evolve into a best-in-class option worthy of the blockchain era. Our engineering team led by CTO Devin Canterberry and Software Engineers William Galebach and Ethan Arutunian has worked tirelessly to make Lndr a worthy competitor of major peer-to-peer mobile apps like Venmo, Zelle, Square Cash and Revolut. If you use Lndr or follow the blockchain technology space, you may not be shocked to learn that, based on daily active user counts, Lndr is one of the most popular DApps that use the Ethereum blockchain.

The great news for fans of Blockmason and Lndr alike is that we are not resting on our laurels. Lndr development continues at a fast pace - one that will be accelerated by the addition of outside talent competing for our first coding bounty. We are currently working on an updated roadmap so that you can follow along with Lndr’s development and know when significant milestones are due. If there are any features you would like to see in Lndr, please be sure to let us know!

Finally, if you haven’t tried Lndr yet, please download it and let us know your thoughts. Lndr v1.2 is now available for download for iOS on the App Store and Android on the Google Play Store. And you can always join our Telegram community –more than 15,000 members strong - where we will be more than happy to receive your feedback and use it to make Lndr better.

On behalf of the Blockmason team, thank you to all of our passionate fans and followers. You are the fuel that keeps our fires burning, and we aim to continue delivering the very best in base-layer blockchain technology and decentralized applications.

Here is the official media release for Lndr v1.2:

GEORGE TOWN, CAYMAN ISLANDS, August 15, 2018 /24–7PressRelease/ - Blockmason, a leading developer of base-layer foundational blockchain technology, today announced the release of Lndr (pronounced lender) version 1.2, featuring PayPal integration and fiat currency settlement options. Prior to today, Lndr users were able to split bills and record casual debts or IOUs with friends and family in almost two dozen currencies, with settlement occurring via the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH.) Now, Lndr users can choose to settle in Ether or in more than 20 fiat currencies that are supported in the app and via PayPal.

"As the only peer-to-peer expense-sharing mobile app that offers its users the ability to settle casual debts in their choice of fiat or cryptocurrency, we feel Lndr is punching well above its weight class," said Michael Chin, Chief Executive Officer of Blockmason, the blockchain technology company that develops Lndr. "Lndr was initially conceived as the proof-of-concept for our Credit Protocol technology, but our engineering team has continued to build it into a worthy competitor of Venmo, Square Cash, Zelle, Revolut and other major peer-to-peer payments apps. Whether you prefer to settle up in Ether or your local currency, Lndr is the right choice."

Based on daily active user counts, Lndr is already one of the most successful decentralized applications ("DApps") that leverage the blockchain and it is well-placed to continue its rise in popularity. According to research released today by eMarketer, by 2022 nearly 130 million mobile phone users in the United States alone will use a peer-to-peer mobile payment service at least once per month. Current estimates place US peer-to-peer transaction value at more than $167 billion, with transaction volume growing by more than 37 percent in 2018.

Lndr’s PayPal integration, along with its numerous fiat and cryptocurrency settlement options, makes it the top mobile app for settling casual debts and IOUs for the millions of PayPal users outside of the United States who aren’t able to use US-based apps like Venmo. PayPal has more than 244 million users and is available in more than 200 countries.
Lndr v1.2 is now available for download for iOS on the App Store and Android on the Google Play Store.

About Blockmason
Blockmason is a world-class developer of blockchain technology, focused on building the foundational base-layer frameworks that support the blockchain revolution. Their first product, the Credit Protocol, provides a standardized, secure and reliable means for recording and permanently storing mutually-confirmed debt or credit obligations on the blockchain. Lndr, the first decentralized mobile app powered by the Credit Protocol, leverages the blockchain to allow friends to quickly record and settle casual debts and IOUs in dozens of currencies. To learn more about Blockmason, the Credit Protocol, Lndr and their other technological developments, visit https://blockmason.io.