Lndr Testing, North American Crypto Currency Conference & other updates

Lndr App Testing: Overwhelming response!

A big thank you to our community members who reached out to us offering to test the app — we received dozens of applications, and a lot of interest from many of you, our supporters, including those who have a deep app testing experience. We’ve reached out to some of the applicants, and will be replying to more people towards the end of this week.

As for the technical functionality of Lndr – we are in the throes of wrestling a few little pesky bugs to the ground that were pointed out as part of the testing feedback. This will make the app more fun to use, as we are making minor updates to the look, feel, and ease of use before releasing Lndr more broadly.

Our developments and updates.

You might have noticed some design changes on the company website and social media channels, as one of the things we want to have with the community is the transparency of our internal development process. We are currently gathering and analyzing your feedback, and will be making official announcements about our branding updates soon. In addition, during the last month, the size of the Blockmason team has grown as we increase our internal capacity for tech development, marketing, design, and admin works. With that, we are experimenting with a variety of ways to reach you, interact with you, and present our announcements to you, including those about our in-progress and final developments. We welcome your feedback and support, as we continue to grow together.

Legal Considerations for Blockchain Innovations and ICOs.

We are excited about an upcoming event on December 8, which will cover the best practices in regards to SEC compliance for the blockchain and ICO companies. The panel will address how founders can start new entities in this space with full respect for the law and compliance with a moving and evolving set of principles. In addition, the lead patent attorney for Blockmason will discuss the opportunities for intellectual property protection in such a new and dynamic space. The registration is now closed, but we will share the recording of the event at a future date.

Blockmason at the NAC3 – North American Crypto Currency Conference.

We are excited to announce that Blockmason’s co-founder Tim Galebach will be speaking at the North American Crypto Currency conference this Saturday, December 9, where he will talk about Blockmason, the Credit Protocol, and Lndr – our consumer lending app developed on the blockchain. Tim’s speech will focus on how as we built Lndr, we built the libraries to develop mobile blockchain applications from the ground up which other developers can use in the future. The conference will be focused on discussing the latest Blockchain developments, security of cryptocurrency assets and government regulations of the space.

As always, we thank you for your support. We will be making more announcements as we have them, and invite you to join us in our mission of shaping and becoming the foundation of the credit industry on the blockchain.

// Blockmason Team