Lndr Launch Announcement

Have you ever had to split the group purchase bill with your housemates, remember to pay back a friend who picked up your portion of the bill while dining out or remind a friend the exact amount they owe you for that fun road trip?

Are you a blockchain enthusiast and cannot wait to start using cryptocurrency in your everyday life?

We’ve got big news! Meet Lndr – a mobile decentralized app built on the Ethereum Blockchain, developed as one of the fastest product deliveries on the Blockchain, built on top of the Blockmason’s Credit Protocol.

Starting March 5th 2018 7pm EST you can download Lndr and start connecting with friends, track the money you owe each other and even settle up with Ether up to $200 per week! Lndr will be available on both iOS and Google App stores. We will follow up with the details on how to sign up and use Lndr in our follow up announcement, so stay tuned!

Now grab your friends, make plans for dinner, schedule that next trip and don’t let sharing costs stop you from having a good time!

Because sharing beautiful moments is what matters most.

We welcome you to our community. Join our Telegram channel here.
Learn more about the Credit Protocol – a platform that made Lndr possible here.
Learn more about Blockmason, the creator of the Credit Protocol here.
Join the upcoming Airdrop here.

// Blockmason Team