📰 Lndr Increases Settlement Limits: 7 Big Bills You Can Now Share With Friends


Earlier this month, we launched version 1.4 of our peer-to-peer expense sharing app, Lndr. One of the new features in Lndr v1.4 is the ability to unlock increased settlement limits. While most of the Lndr community uses Lndr to split and settle up small bills, like a dinner or drinks, some users are looking to share larger expenses.

The increase to Lndr’s weekly settlement limits — up to $2,000 in USD value per week, from $200 before — helps our users share more significant costs. With that in mind, let’s explore 7 big bills that you can now settle up with friends using Lndr.

1: Shared Rent

For many of us, rent is our biggest monthly expense. If you are sharing a house or large apartment with roommates, it’s likely that one of you handles paying the rent while the others pay that person back. With Lndr v1.4, it’s now possible to split and settle up shared rent each month with no problem. And, as Lndr is a blockchain-enabled mobile app, you can even pay your rent in cryptocurrencies like Ether (ETH)!

2: Expensive Dinners

As mentioned before, sharing lunch and dinner expenses is a popular use case for Lndr. But, before Lndr v1.4, it wasn’t possible to split the cost of some restaurant bills. Especially if you are the type who likes to order from the premium wine list!

With weekly settlement limits of $2,000, virtually all your expensive dinner bills can be shared using Lndr.

3: Shared Automobile Expenses

Sharing a car with a friend or roommate is a great way to keep the costs down. And, whether you drive an old beater or have a shiny new car, there will be many costs. Fuel, insurance, maintenance and a car payment all add up to a sizeable monthly bill.

The good news: Lndr is an excellent way to split shared automobile expenses! You can either split every expense as it happens or add them all up for settlement each month. With Lndr, the choice is yours.

4: Flights + Other Tickets

Heading out with a few college buddies for Spring Break? Inviting a friend to your hometown for Thanksgiving? Whatever the case, Lndr is a great way to settle up if one person is taking care of buying the flights.

Also, don’t forget to split the cost of other expensive tickets with Lndr. Concerts, music and other festivals are rarely cheap. But if one friend is buying everything, you can settle up later on with Lndr.

5: Hotels + Airbnbs

Of course, if you are jet-setting off to somewhere sunny, you will need somewhere to stay. Lndr is the perfect option for sharing expensive accommodations like hotels and Airbnbs. One friend can put the entire stay on their credit card, and everyone else can settle up with them using Lndr!

6: Bottle Service in Las Vegas

Are you and your group of friends heading to a party destination like Las Vegas? If so, Lndr can be a great way to share some significant expenses. From pool parties at Wet Republic to hitting the slots in your downtime, Las Vegas has no shortage of ways to spend your cash. Yet, if you’re traveling in a pack that plans on drinking, bottle service can be one of the more cash-efficient ways to party. Plus, you’re likely to get a much better table or cabana if you’re buying bottles. After you’re finished partying, settle up the bill with Lndr.


7: The Yacht Week, Croatia

If Las Vegas isn’t your thing, or if you’re looking for something a bit more exotic, check out Croatia’s Yacht Week. Lndr is perfect for sharing all the expenses you’re bound to encounter as you sail the majestic Adriatic Sea. Dinners, drinks, port fees and, if you’re a group of EDM fans, Ultra Music Festival Europe will all lead to a hefty bill. When you’ve earned a deep tan and are ready to head home, a few taps in Lndr will have your group settled up.


To sum it up: Lndr v1.4 allows you to split and share almost every cost or expense that you will incur each month. If you haven’t upgraded to Lndr v1.4 yet, you can click here on your mobile phone to visit Lndr on the App Store or Play Store.

PRO TIP: New to Lndr? Click here to check out our Advanced Guide to Using Lndr. It’s a quick read that explains how everything works and it’s helpful for first-timers.