Introducing Lndr v2.0, Featuring a Revamped UI and the Ability to Send Transactions by SMS/Email

The Blockmason team is proud to announce the release of Lndr v2.0, featuring a revised user interface, the ability to send transactions to new users outside of Lndr, and much more.

Lndr v2.0 was submitted to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store on Thursday, January 31, 2019. You should be able to download and install this update today. Let’s take a quick look at what Lndr v2.0 has to offer!

A Revamped User Interface

Lndr v2.0 features the first significant refresh to our user interface, and we’re confident that you will find it easier to use. When you first open Lndr, you’ll be greeted with our new Home screen. From here, you can see your Total Balance of currencies and cryptocurrencies in Lndr, access your Wallet, and start a new transaction.

Creating a new transaction in Lndr also received improvements. Tap the New Transaction button on the Home screen to see this in action. You can now select whether the obligation is a loan (funds come to you) or a debt (funds go to your friend) just by tapping the New Loan / New Debt button. You can select your Lndr friend, currency, amount and memo just like before.

However, when you tap the Friend button, you will notice one new, significant feature: the Send via Email or Text button. Let’s explore that now.

Send Transactions to Friends and Family who Aren’t Using Lndr Yet
As per our roadmap, we’re excited to offer you the ability to create new loan or debt obligations with friends and family who aren’t Lndr users. After significant testing, we’ve come up with a solution that’s easy to use. Below is a walkthrough of how it works:

First, start a new transaction by tapping New Transaction on the home screen.

Next, choose whether you are creating a Debt or Loan obligation. Then, tap the “Select” button to select the recipient.

Choose “Send via Email or Text” and you’ll be returned to the New Transaction screen.

Now, select the currency, amount and add any notes in the memo box.

Finally, tap Submit. You will receive an in-app popup allowing you to share a customized installation link. You can share this link by any messaging app, SMS/text message, email or just copy it to your clipboard for use.

When your friend taps on this link, they will be taken to the iOS App Store (if they use an iPhone) or Google Play Store (if they use an Android phone) to install Lndr. Once installed, the transaction will appear in Lndr for both you and your friend.

Other Improvements in Lndr v2.0

When you visit “My Wallet” on the Lndr home screen, you’ll discover our new wallet interface. My Wallet shows your ETH, BCPT, BNB and DAI balances, all in one single screen. Now it’s easy to find out the balance of cryptocurrencies stored in Lndr.

Another feature that we’ve added in v2.0 allows you to transfer any of these cryptocurrencies to a friend. When viewing the My Wallet screen, tap on the green Transfer button to view the new Transfer screen. From here, you can either select a Lndr Friend or enter the recipient’s wallet address. Remember, if you are transferring cryptocurrencies out of Lndr, you must have enough ETH to cover your gas costs, usually around 0.01 or 0.02 USD.

We hope you enjoy version 2.0, the first upgrade to Lndr in 2019. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full year since we first shipped the beta release of Friend in Debt. On behalf of the entire team at Blockmason, thank you to our many thousands of users, past and present. We’re excited to bring you even more exciting new features this year!