Introducing Blockmason

Hi, I’m Jared Bowie, and I’m here to introduce you to Blockmason.

When the founding members of BlockMason began writing code for Ethereum, we were, to say the least, impressed with the possibilities. We had a lot of big ideas–from global real estate ventures to democratized social security–but as we considered implementing those concepts, we soon recognized that many of the foundational apps and protocols necessary to realize such radical projects are still missing from the Ethereum ecosystem.

Today, when we look at the world of information technology and software development, we see a complex landscape constructed from more fundamental technologies, themselves built atop an even more foundational infrastructure. Like Rome, the internet was not built in a day. Early computer engineering pioneers paved the road forward through the establishment of massive hardware frameworks. Protocols were developed and higher level languages invented. Browsers, UI design, and mobile phones all began at the most basic levels, until millions of people across the world contributed to their development, making these technologies what they are today.

In the same way, we stand together at the beginning of Ethereum’s development.Blockmason enters the Ethereum community as a company dedicated to building the fundamental blocks of the new web. Atop this foundation, we and other developers will unleash the full potential of Ethereum’s blockchain and turing complete smart contracts.

This foundation layer is what we at Blockmason have deemed a necessary building block for the Ethereum ecosystem that will enable us and others to create better dApps. We’ll let your imagination run wild, but we’ll be announcing our idea in the near future.