How to pay your friends in ETH?

We are excited to announce the release of Lndr – a mobile decentralized app built on the Ethereum Blockchain, developed as one of the fastest product deliveries on the Blockchain, built on top of the Blockmason’s Credit Protocol.

You can now download Lndr on the App and Google Play Stores and start connecting with friends, track the money you owe each other and settle your debts with Ether! (up to $200 per week)

So how do you settle a balance with Ether?

To initiate a settlement, a user must first have sufficient ETH stored in their Lndr wallet.

To add ETH to a Lndr account, a user simply looks up their address in the Settings section (gear logo in the top right of the app, then select ‘ETH Address’), then sends Ethereum to that address from any other Ethereum wallet (Metamask, Myetherwallet, etc).

There are 2 steps to settle a debt in Lndr:

A user initiates a settlement using the Lndr UI from the ‘Friends’ screen. The user must input the amount to settle. Please note, there is a $200/week limit.
The other user confirms the settlement on their Lndr app

After both users have confirmed the agreement, the settlement will be displayed as “pending”. The the sender’s app automatically initiates the Eth transfer using the prevailing price of Ether on Coinbase. Within about 5 minutes the funds will be transferred.

If for any reason the creditor does not have enough Eth, the server will automatically reject the settlement.

Now grab your friends, make plans for dinner, schedule that next trip and don’t let sharing costs stop you from having a good time!
Because sharing beautiful moments is what matters most.

*When signing up, please save the seed phrase (12 words) in a safe place to restore your Lndr account in case you forget your password. Blockmason won’t be able to help you reset or access your Lndr account, as all data is saved on Blockchain, and not on our servers.

//Blockmason Team