HitBTC Lists Blockmason Credit Protocol Token BCPT

Integrating the global credit and lending industry with blockchain technology is bound to play a significant role in the world’s financial systems, enabling transparency, efficiency and security.

The listing of Blockmason’s BCPT by HitBTC is a key step in that direction. HitBTC is a leader in the blockchain assets market and continues partnering with the most innovative and useful tokens. The platform’s core matching engine is among the most advanced technological products in its class, providing a highly progressive exchange and clearing opportunities.

HitBTC views Blockmason and Credit Protocol as a market leader in the space, and will support the direct purchase of BCPT tokens (which act as a use license for the Credit Protocol and are required to build and operate platforms and applications on top of the Credit Protocol).

As the first major ETH protocol and product-use token release to effectively address a global debt market that potentially exceeds $100 Trillion USD, Blockmason’s Credit Protocol and BCPT provides new ways for tracking obligations and debts on the Ethereum blockchain, including personal, business, home, auto, credit cards, and even college loans.

Currently, Blockmason is working with some holders of BCPTs towards building their own consumer or commercial driven applications on top of the Credit Protocol, enhancing this pioneer loan tracking system built on distributed blockchain technologies.

To learn more, please visit Blockmason Website and Telegram.

// Blockmason Team