Friend in Debt

Recently, Blockmason announced the token sale for our new product, the Credit Protocol (CP). Today, we are excited to reveal our very first application built atop the CP: Friend in Debt.

At Blockmason, we don’t believe in hornswoggling potential customers with vaporware, grandiose promises, or glitzy whitepapers. Rather, we want to demonstrate our value by releasing applications that are simple, powerful, and functional before inviting you to purchase our CP product-use tokens..

That is why we invite all of you to test our fully functional and ready-to-use beta version of Friend in Debt right now, for free. CLICK TO TRY

As you get to know this stripped down, demo-version of Friend in Debt (FiD), we hope you will recognize the incredible potential of our platform. FiD offers a jurisdiction agnostic social platform for creating and settling debts with friends on the blockchain. It combines the power of long-term debt tracking, credit extension through trusted friends, and social networking to build an application that provides a far more flexible and complex array of financial interactions than possible with existing Ethereum wallets or limited spot-settlement applications like Venmo or Alipay.

In our Whitepaper, we have outlined the extensive use cases and market opportunity present for our application, but allow me to say that we believe the scalability and scope of FiD is virtually limitless. With traditional banking unavailable for large swaths of the world—including Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia—FiD presents an opportunity for previously impossible community banking and credit lending, dramatically expanding the economic potential of communities of every size—from single families to small businesses to entire cities. All anyone needs to use FiD and join the economic revolution is a dapp browser and some gumption.

With a mind toward global expansion, we have designed FiD with a simple interface and flexible functionality, empowering users to employ FiD however best suits their individual financial needs. We envision a future in which Ethereum dominates the world. However, Ethereum will only realize its potential through the success of applications that address the daily needs of people from all walks of life. The undeniable benefits of in-your-pocket, decentralized banking, combined with a strong market opportunity, promises widespread adoption of our debt tracking platform by both the technical and non-technical alike, driving blockchain applications into the mainstream.

Finally, at Blockmason, we believe that a strong token sale should do more than just make money; it should build an ecosystem of users and developers interested in the success of the application and the overall growth of the Ethereum network. That is why Friend in Debt and the Credit Protocol will be fully open-source, allowing developers to easily implement their own applications atop the CP or using FiD data, building a stronger Ethereum ecosystem together. In addition, we will continue to update FiD and the CP in advance of and throughout the duration of the token sale, soliciting input from early users like you.

Friend in Debt is an essential development in the decentralized economic revolution. We are excited to invite you along with us on this journey to bring financial power and flexibility to the hearts, minds, and pockets of the world.

To try Friend in Debt, or just to learn more, please visit You can read our announcement for CP here

To participate in the Token Sale for the Credit Protocol, sign up for the whitelist here.