Fiddy Updates

Blockmason is making a ton of progress on our first app on top of the credit protocol, Fiddy (Friend in Debt), and I just wanted to update you on exactly where we’re at.

I posted our mobile progress a couple days ago, and in the past day we’ve expanded the interface significantly. It’s still a work in progress, and we need to connect it to our backend, but if you want to play around and follow us as we go, you can download the Expo app on iOS or Android, and then use this link to access the mobile version of Fiddy.

On the backend and smart contract side Roy Blankman has been pumping out code and system design for the past week. Right now we have a command line app in place that we’re using for internal testing, as well as a server application that will connect the blockchain to the mobile app. Github for the backend is here.

We are trying to develop Fiddy as an example of best practices in making CP applications, and consumer blockchain apps in general. One key part of this is dividing the app appropriately into centralized and decentralized components. Our server and mobile app are centralized, but all data recording and storage of debts and balances are decentralized on the Ethereum blockchain. This gives our users a cleaner experience, while also preserving the benefits of dapps and decentralized blockchains.

As the week and weekend go on, we’ll be doing a lot of testing, and also connecting the mobile app to the server. If all goes well, your friends will be in debt to you sooner than you think!2017-10-27-16.52.46

If you like having your friends owe you money, you’ll LOVE our Telegram channel, where over 1,230 users have already legally signed over their firstborn children to Tim in order to pay off their café latte habits.