Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio Joins Blockmason as Advisor

Wow, what a week!

While we’ve been extraordinarily busy here at Blockmason, nothing has excited us more than to announce that Anthony Di Iorio, founder of Jaxx and co-founder of Ethereum, has joined Blockmason in an advisory role. Anthony is one of most respected entrepreneurs in the crypto universe, and his contributions to Ethereum and Jaxx have made him essential to the development of the blockchain ecosystem. We look forward to working with Anthony to ensure the successful run of our Credit Protocol token sale, as well as to grow the user base for our first awesome applications, including Friend in Debt.

Just as Blockmason seeks to fill a glaring hole in the Ethereum ecosystem by introducing credit to the blockchain, Anthony addressed an essential need by creating Jaxx, one of the first cryptocurrency wallets to hold both multiple currencies and tokens. Jaxx is now the gold standard of digital asset storage. In the last five years, Anthony has organized hundreds of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Decentralized Tech events, connecting blockchain entrepreneurs from across the world and encouraging the rapid growth of our industry.

That is why we are so thrilled to have Anthony join our team. He is a renowned expert in the field, a decentralized visionary, and his vote of confidence confirms what we have believed all along: The Credit Protocol is essential to Ethereum’s development. A man like Anthony needs only involve himself with passion projects; we are honored that Blockmason is one of his passions.