Democratizing the creation of credit through permanently recorded debts and obligations.

The Credit Protocol is a system for recording double-confirmed obligations on the blockchain. This establishes the Credit Protocol, powered by its BCPT product-use token, as a foundation onto which a near infinite number of applications involving debts and credits can be built on top of.

Companies in finance, healthcare, energy, legal, retail, logistics, and entertainment industries can build platforms that track, manage and settle debts and credits atop the Credit Protocol. Blockmason provides significant support and continuous guidance to such companies.

Blockmason Credit Protocol Token (BCPT)

The Credit Protocol is powered by BCPT, an ERC20 token that generates transaction capacity on the Credit Protocol transactions.
Token Symbol: BCPT
Token Address: bcptoken.eth or 0x1c4481750daa5Ff521A2a7490d9981eD46465Dbd
Exchanges to Buy: Binance, Kucoin, Cryptopia, Etherdelta, Gatecoin, HitBTC, Bittrex, Upbit
Brief Detail
Total tokens: 116,158,667 Credit Protocol Tokens
Tokens sold to the public: 33,700,000 Credit Protocol Tokens (29%)
Tokens sold to early purchasers: 36,000,000 Credit Protocol Tokens (31%) (Finished)
Tokens to be airdropped: 5,807,933 Credit Protocol Tokens (5%)
Tokens distributed to advisors and strategic partners: 5,807,933 Credit Protocol Tokens (5%)
Developers Pool: 23,226,934 Credit Protocol Tokens (20%)
Staking Pool: 11,615,867 Credit Protocol Tokens (10%)


The Credit Protocol's functionality is essential for managing processes such as accounting, default, or tracking account receivables, where companies receive payments only after agreements and services have already been performed. Companies can build their own apps, software solutions, and SAAS platforms for industries such as finance, healthcare, energy, legal, retail, logistics, and entertainment atop the Credit Protocol, with significant support from the Blockmason team. Other possible use cases include microfinancing, consumer loans, retail gift cards, loyalty reward programs and university meal vouchers.


First implementation of a fully-functional decentralized application built on top of the Credit Protocol. A simple yet powerful application for creating, tracking and settling of debts between friends.

Lndr enables permanent, immutable and double-confirmed recording of debts between two users on the blockchain, and will also allow the settlement of those debts with Ether. Get a beer for your friend. Split a complicated dinner tab. Repay the loan on your lambo. Anytime, anywhere, in ETH.


Companies and developers can build their own systems and services involving debt and obligations atop the Credit Protocol. Blockmason has released its open source code and documentation, and provides continuous guidance and significant support in development, design, planning, and launching of applications to such companies.

The Credit Protocol is powered by BCPT, an ERC20 token that generates transaction capacity on the Credit Protocol transactions.

BCPT holders receive the ability to conduct a defined number of transactions per day based on the number of tokens they hold. Please reach out to [email protected] if you want to discuss launching an app.


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