Credit Protocol

Blockmason’s Credit Protocol is a standardized, reliable method for recording debt and credit obligations on the blockchain.


Our protocol functions as a foundation for building distributed applications that involve accounting, default tracking, account receivables, or tracking any form of financial obligations. With these features, companies in finance, healthcare, energy, legal, retail, logistics, entertainment, and other industries can build their own distributed applications and solutions to fit their needs.


The Credit Protocol is powered by Blockmason Credit Protocol Tokens (BCPT), an ERC20 product-use token that generates transaction capacity on the Credit Protocol transactions.

Token Symbol: BCPT

Token Contract Address:



0x1c4481750daa5Ff521A2a7490d998 1eD46465Dbd

Exchanges to buy Credit Protocol transaction capacity: Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, HitBTC, Kucoin, Gatecoin, Cryptopia, and Etherdelta


As a proof of concept, Blockmason has released the first mobile dapp built on the Credit Protocol, Lndr. Lndr makes it easy to split and settle expenses between friends and family. Don’t let sharing bills get in the way of sharing moments!

Interested in Using the Credit Protocol?

Companies and developers can implement the Credit Protocol’s blockchain-based debit and credit ledger in their own applications. Blockmason provides open-source code, documentation, and significant support!

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