Company News October, 12 2017

Blockmason has hired Roy Blankman as a consultant.

Roy graduated from the University of Michigan summa cum laude with a degree in Electrical Engineering and then entered Caltech on an Engineering and Applied Sciences Division Fellowship, from which he dropped out to work in the private sector. Prior to working in the blockchain space Roy worked as a machine learning consultant. He has found himself working more and more on Ethereum related blockchain projects and is happy to join the Blockmason team, consulting on projects that are more than just pie-in-the-sky ideas but will actually work with today’s technology. His primary focuses will be smart contract prototyping, auditing, off-chain solutions, security, and proposals to formalize and solidify the blockchain ecosystem. Roy’s Github

Mainnet Deployment Schedule

Our plans to release the Credit Protocol onto the mainnet have changed. Instead of releasing it at the end of Q4 2017, we will be deploying the first version onto the mainnet within the next two weeks. While it should be considered a prototype, and will be upgraded rapidly to increase protocol and token functionality, all behavior related to token staking will be secure. As time has gone by and our solidity development experience has increased and with our preference for top quality developers, we believe we can increase the speed of the entire project’s roadmap. Expect more good news on this front. Watch the progress live on our github:

Mobile DApp Browser

Blockmason has decided to build and release a standalone mobile Ethereum DApp browser. The current options for mobile DApp browsers are lacking, so we have decided to take the lead and release our own browser to fill this large need. It will be available on both iOS and Android. We are currently working on it in-house, but plan to hire a developer specifically for this task. Job Post.

Friend In Debt

With mainnet deployment and the mobile DApp browser problem solved Friend in Debt will work on your phone. We’re excited to be moving this along a lot faster than anticipated and will use this opportunity not only to debt our friends, but as a demonstration of the ease of launching a mobile DApp on the Credit Protocol.