Calling for Lndr UI Android Testers

We are excited to announce that we’ve completed the latest developments of Lndr’s new User Interface (UI), and are finalizing the development of Eth settlement functionality, which will be completed next week!

Our developers switched the dapp and today we’re ready to onboard a limited group to experience the new version of Lndr’s UI! If you are interested in being our tester, we want to hear from you! Please note, we are currently accepting only Android users, and will bring on iOS testers as soon as the App Store approves our Lndr submission.

Our ideal Lndr user notices details, is interested in blockchain technology, and is keen to share their Lndr experience with the rest of the community. We select users across a spectrum of geography, and will give preference to those who have been active in helping improve the awareness of Blockmason, the Credit Protocol and Lndr.

If you’re interested in testing Lndr’s new UI and reporting back to us on your experience, please contact us at by January 23, 16:00 PST. Please include your full name, email, the model of your phone, as well as any relevant experience. If you are selected, we will follow up with the testing details and the start date.

As always, we thank you for your support in bringing to life the first dapp built on top of the Credit Protocol!

// Blockmason Team