Blockmason’s Credit Protocol Live on Mainnet

The Credit Protocol is now live on Ethereum’s mainnet. We’re proud to announce our delivery of the Credit Protocol to the mainnet well ahead of schedule. What at one time was viewed by us as a daunting and difficult task has become what we intend to be routine here at Blockmason: Fast delivery of functional and secure blockchain DApps. Yes that’s right, things that work and that people can use. How the credit protocol works.

We’ve made a lot of improvements from the beta version of the Credit Protocol that has been available for quite some time now. The code is simpler, more compact, transactions cost much less gas and staking is fully secure. Check out the code for a more detailed look at things

This is just the beginning of our many developments both product wise and as a company. In the coming weeks expect more example UCACs, improvements to our docs and various other awesome announcements.

Remember, we are providing full technical support to BCPT holders. Through both our docs and our email