Blockmason welcomes a new member of the development team

We are excited to welcome Devin Canterberry as our Software Engineer. Devin is a seasoned full stack developer with a deep background in functional programming and applied cryptography. He is a steward of software craftsmanship and professionalism, applying sustainable and scalable practices to building libraries, applications, and teams.

Devin has served as CTO for transportation services startup, Roadify; founder of Amused Pony Games (developer of Axes of Evil, the luxury zero-player RPG); Principal Software Engineer at Silent Circle (purveyor of encrypted communications); and Principal Software Engineer at (a scalable communications platform for sales teams). Devin hails from north Louisiana and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, before moving to Seattle in 2007.

Devin is an industry expert, and we are thrilled to have Devin join our team. With Blockmason, he will be building the next generation of blockchain technology, laying the foundation for a new era of massively distributed applications. You can see Devin’s Github here.

// Blockmason Team