Blockmason Weekly Update: 2019-10-10

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Hello, Blockmason community! Another week is upon us, which means it’s time for another Weekly Update.

In this edition of the Weekly Update, upcoming Blockmason Link workshops and a new project spotlight.

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Upcoming Workshops

Hello, Blockmason community! We have a series of workshops coming up in the Vancouver, Canada area. If you are interested in learning blockchain development or using Blockmason Link to build a project this is a great chance to learn from the experts.

Here are some of the details on upcoming workshops:

Where is it: At Lighthouse Labs, Vancouver, Canada

When is it: Thursday, Nov. 7

Title: Building blockchain-powered microservices the easy way

In this upcoming lunch and learn on ‘Building blockchain-powered microservices the easy way, you will learn about:

  • The pros and cons of incorporating blockchain technology into your applications
  • The current set of blockchain tools to assist developers
  • An introduction to smart contracts
  • Using web APIs to simplify interacting with smart contracts
  • Creating your own custom cryptocurrency

Blockmason aims to make it dead simple for any developer to interact, and build microservices, with blockchain technology without any prior blockchain experience.

Where is it: At Devhub, Vancouver, Canada

When is it: Saturday Nov. 16

Title: Build an e-commerce marketplace, using blockchain-powered microservices, the easy way!

Building applications that utilize blockchain can appear difficult and time-consuming. This complexity leads most of us to stick with technology that we already know and understand. However, tools are being developed to change this and help facilitate mass adoption of exciting new technology like blockchain. This comprehensive workshop, geared towards mobile and web developers with little to no prior blockchain experience, demonstrates how to quickly build decentralized applications (DApps).

In this workshop, you will start with the fundamentals of blockchain technology and the application code that runs on blockchains known as smart contracts. Then from this foundation, you will build a detailed, interoperable, e-commerce marketplace that will seamlessly interact with multiple blockchain networks.

Participants completing the workshop will walk away having built a fully functional DApp, along with a greater understanding and appreciation of the current challenges and complexities of blockchains, smart contracts and gain familiarity with the tools available to make interacting with blockchains easier.


The following prerequisites are recommended to get the most from this workshop:

  • Familiarity with JavaScript, Node.js, and NPM
  • A modern Windows or Mac laptop with the latest version of the following installed: Node and NPM:
  • MetaMask browser extension –
  • Sign up for an Infura API Key –
  • Register for Blockmason Link –

Hack the North Powered by Link

Project Spotlight: TD Rewards

We had several high-achieving teams use Blockmason Link during North America’s premier hackathon, Hack the North, and we wanted to highlight a few of the projects that stood out.

TD Rewards
The TD Rewards application is a program built to incentivize customers to stay with the bank through the transition from student to full-time worker. This application achieves this through a customer loyalty program, where students are able to earn points (Crypto Coins) when making purchases or using TD Bank services. With these points, customers of TD Bank will be able to purchase discount coupons based on outlets that they frequent. The application analyzes transaction data to better recommend coupons and discounts. These coupons are designed to reduce the future expenses of customers who are transitioning from a student plan to paying a monthly subscription to use the bank. Customers who wish to donate their TD points can select from several charities through the application.

The application leverages Blockmason Link to build a blockchain interface. Each customer has to have a TD Bank account and is given an ERC20 compliant wallet to store loyalty rewards. The application also utilizes the TD Da Vinci API For getting information related to user’s transactions, bank accounts and every other detail related to the bank.

TD Rewards Team with Blockmason.

“Clubbing all these API’s into one project was definitely a challenge for us. Integrating all individual modules was a challenge but LINK definitely made it easy for us by providing an easy to use API interface for blockchain. One of the challenges was installing the skill on Amazon Alexa”

– TD Rewards Application Team

Read more about TD Rewards here

We will be spotlighting more projects from Hack the North in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more details.

Join Our Developer Community

Hello Blockmason Community! We now have a dedicated place for community members interested in using Blockmason Link. Introducing our all-new Link Developer Community. Now you can have a place to discuss your Link projects with other developers. It’s going to be a great place to share feedback with the development team, interact with other blockchain developers and contribute your ideas. We are also planning on providing access to a beta testing program for developers, with more details on this to come soon.

Why should you join the Blockmason Link developer community?
There are lots of reasons! You can contribute your ideas, hang out with other developers, get beta access to the newest Link features and more.

Find a Job Working in Blockchain Today! is a great community resource that helps connect more developers with companies working in blockchain. It’s a daily free newsletter, so we encourage any developers out there to sign up today, and tell your friends!

We’ve got tons of great jobs from some huge names in blockchain, including, Gemini, IBM, Binance, Axiom Zen, and more.

Lndr is our peer-to-peer bill-splitting and expense-sharing mobile app for iOS and Android. It uses the Credit Protocol and the Ethereum blockchain to create, manage and settle casual debts and IOUs between friends. Essentially, “Venmo of the blockchain.”

Lndr supports dozens of currencies and allows users to settle debts in Ether (ETH), BNB, DAI stablecoin, as well as fiat currency.

You can download Lndr for iOS on the App Store and Lndr for Android on Google Play