Blockmason Weekly Update: 2019-06-27

📰 Welcome to the Blockmason Weekly Update!

Hello, Blockmason community! Another week is upon us, which means it’s time for another Weekly Update.

In this edition of the Weekly Update, a new development update, and our latest webinar Simplify Blockchain Development Using Blockmason Link.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Blockmason Development Update

Over the past month, our development team has been hard at work building new features and improving Link infrastructure. We have several new features and improvements we want to share. Before we break down the latest updates, let’s take a look at an outline of the changes.

  • New feature – Audit logs
  • Upgrades to ELK stack
  • Upgrades to Elasticsearch nodes
  • New security monitoring
  • Add new S3 repository to Elasticsearch cluster
  • Updates to AMIs
  • Improvements to error handling

The first feature we will take a look at is the new audit logs. The audit logs provide insight into the operations performed by a project in Link. Before, users would have to check resources like Etherscan to confirm transactions. Now, when bug testing or building Link APIs, you can use the new audit logs as well.

These audit logs will make development and troubleshooting much easier when working with Link projects.

In addition to this new feature, there was heavy emphasis on infrastructure improvements, the first of which is an upgrade to the Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana stack (ELK). These upgrades are important because they help maintain security and ensure we have access to the latest and greatest features.

We rolled out infrastructure improvements to further strengthen our security defenses and improve visibility for our SOC team

Beyond that, we have had a few updates and improvements to error handling within Link. We’re excited to continue the development of Link and to get this product into more developers’ hands!

Simplify Blockchain Development Using Blockmason Link – Webinar

Over this week we held a webinar in partnership with CryptoChicks. CryptoChicks is an educational hub with a mission to grow the professional potential of women and youth in Blockchain and AI.

This event covered many topics, including a live demonstration of Link, as well as:

  • The current state of DApps and blockchain adoption
  • How Blockmason Link addresses blockchain adoption
  • Create and deploy a simple ownership smart contract using Link
  • Interact with a smart contract using simple web APIs
  • Create and deploy your own ERC20 token on Ethereum

For those who could not attend, we have made a recording of the event available.

👏 Thanks to everyone who attended, and stay tuned for future webinars!

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