Blockmason Weekly Update: 2019-05-09

đź“° Welcome to the Blockmason Weekly Update!

Hello, Blockmason community! Another week is upon us, which means it’s time for another Weekly Update.

In this edition of the Weekly Update, BLINK, the link utility token, is now trading on, create your own custom ERC-20 token in minutes with Link, and more.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

BLINK, The Link Utility Token, is Now Trading on

BLINK has been listed on leading exchange with BLINK-BTC and BLINK-ETH trading pairs now open.

We have been working on making BLINK available to more software developers, startups and others interested in the incredible potential that Link will bring to the blockchain technology space. Now we are pleased to announce that you can get BLINK at leading exchange BW opened trading for BLINK-BTC and BLINK-ETH trading pairs May 9th.

BLINK is the official utility token powering Blockmason Link, which allows app, web and other software developers to create classic, conventional web-based APIs for any smart contract written on a programmatic blockchain.

Check out if you want to get your hands on some BLINK today!

Create Your Own Custom ERC-20 Token in Minutes!

We have been working on putting together a series of tutorials for newcomers to Blockmason Link, and we are excited to share our first tutorial today.

Link allows developers to use smart contracts and the power of blockchain in their web or mobile applications with very little to no prior blockchain experience. Link creates classic, conventional, web-based APIs for any smart contract written on a programmable blockchain such as Ethereum.

In this activity, you will use Link to create your own custom ERC-20 token on Ethereum in just minutes!

While this post will walk you through deploying your custom token on the Ethereum testnet called Ropsten, the same process applies to deploying on the Ethereum mainnet except that you will have to acquire real ether (ETH).

Check out the full tutorial on our website at

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Lndr is our peer-to-peer bill-splitting and expense-sharing mobile app for iOS and Android. It uses the Credit Protocol and the Ethereum blockchain to create, manage and settle casual debts and IOUs between friends. Essentially, “Venmo of the blockchain.”

Lndr supports dozens of currencies and allows users to settle debts in Ether (ETH), BNB, DAI stablecoin, as well as fiat currency.

You can download Lndr for iOS on the App Store and Lndr for Android on Google Play