📰 Blockmason Weekly Update: 2019-03-14

Welcome to the Blockmason Weekly Update!

Hello, Blockmason community! Another week is upon us, which means it’s time for another Weekly Update.

In this edition of the Weekly Update, announcing Oasis Labs and EOS support in Blockmason Link, BLINK listing on CoinBit and the BLINK bounty continues!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Blockmason Link Announces EOS Platform and Smart Contract Support

Developers of decentralized applications can use Link to interact with EOSIO-compatible blockchains and smart contracts in 2019

EOS is a free, open-source blockchain software protocol developed by Block.one that provides developers and entrepreneurs with a platform on which to build, deploy and run high-performing blockchain applications. Since the EOS public blockchain was launched in June 2018, it has seen high levels of adoption and performance, as evidenced by the hundreds of EOS-hosted DApps attracting thousands of daily users.

“In a short time, EOSIO has become one of the most popular programmatic blockchains, servicing the needs of DApp developers and users alike,” said Michael Chin, CEO of Blockmason. “We are confident that Link will be able to significantly reduce the development time and improve the adoption of EOSIO DApps.”

Read the full post at https://blockmason.link/blockmason-link-announces-eos-platform-and-smart-contract-support/ 

Blockmason Link Announces Oasis Labs Blockchain Platform and Smart Contract Support

Developers of privacy-focused decentralized applications can use Link to interact with smart contracts on Oasis Labs’ blockchain in 2019

Launched with the ambitious goal of building a privacy-focused form of cloud computing powered by blockchain technology, Oasis Labs continues to attract a high level of attention. In mid-2018, Oasis Labs closed a $45 million investment round led by a16z crypto, Accel, Binance DCVC (Data Collective), Electric Capital, Foundation Capital, Metastable, Pantera, Polychain, and others. In late 2018, Oasis Labs launched the Oasis Devnet, an environment for developers to test and build on the Oasis Labs platform.

“Professor (Dawn) Song and the Oasis Labs team have quickly scaled with an ambitious development agenda and are on track to significantly innovate the privacy component of blockchain technology,” said Michael Chin, Chief Executive Officer of Blockmason. “We are confident that Oasis Labs’ approach to confidential smart contracts will prove an industry leader, and we are excited to help enable developers to build Oasis Labs-powered apps.”

Read the full post at https://blockmason.link/blockmason-link-announces-oasis-labs-blockchain-platform-and-smart-contract-support/

The BLINK Bounty is Still Going, Join Today!

You can still join the BLINK Bounty and become one of the first to earn BLINK. Get in today before the bounty is over. It’s easy to get involved and start earning BLINK, the token that powers Blockmason Link. Join the bounty and start earning BLINK today by visiting https://blockmason.link/bounty

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