Blockmason Weekly Update: 2018–10–16


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In this edition of the Weekly Update, BCPT special announcement, Blockmason’s CTO’s insights on the future of cryptocurrency, 7 big bills you can now share with friends and more.

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Blockmason Credit Protocol Token (BCPT) Special Announcement

Please join us in our official Telegram communities on Wednesday, October 17th 2018 at 17:00:00 UTC for a special announcement regarding BCPT.

Note: this announcement will ONLY be made in these official Telegram communities:

Blockmason English Community:
Blockmason Japanese Community:
Blockmason Korean Community:
Blockmason Chinese Community:

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Telegram on Wednesday!

CTO Devin Canterberry Insights on the Future of Cryptocurrency

We’re excited to have Blockmason’s CTO Devin Canterberry featured in a recent article on Noah Coin about the future of cryptocurrency.

In the article, Devin shares his vision for the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency as the technology matures. From its mysterious beginnings in 2008 with Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper for Bitcoin, blockchain technology has come a long way, however, the technology is still in its infancy, and we can expect a lot to change.
Almost a decade later, cryptocurrencies have become a major disruption in the finance industry. Most industries are still catching up to find ways to integrate this technology into their existing frameworks.

In this article, Noah Coin asked nine experts on the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to share their insights and forecasts on where the future of cryptocurrency is headed.


Devin Canterberry CTO of Blockmason had this to say, “Sooner or later, the “currency” aspect of cryptocurrency will run its course, to be replaced by token contracts that will represent virtual assets.”…

Read the full article here.

Lndr Increases Settlement Limits: 7 Big Bills You Can Now Share With Friends


Earlier this month, we launched version 1.4 of our peer-to-peer expense sharing app, Lndr. One of the new features in Lndr v1.4 is the ability to unlock increased settlement limits. While most of the Lndr community uses Lndr to split and settle up small bills, like a dinner or drinks, some users are looking to share larger expenses.

The increase to Lndr’s weekly settlement limits — up to $2,000 in USD value per week, from $200 before — helps our users share more significant costs. With that in mind, let’s explore 7 big bills that you can now settle up with friends using Lndr.

Read the full article here.

Try out Today

Lndr is our peer-to-peer bill-splitting and expense-sharing mobile app for iOS and Android. It uses the Credit Protocol and the Ethereum blockchain to create, manage and settle casual debts and IOUs between friends. Essentially, “Venmo of the blockchain.”

Lndr supports dozens of currencies and allows users to settle debts in Ether (ETH). Lndr now also includes fiat currency settlement through integration with PayPal.

With the new addition of larger settlement and transfer options, it’s a great time to try out Lndr.

You can download Lndr for iOS on the App Store and Lndr for Android on Google Play

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