📰 Blockmason Weekly Update: 2018-07-31


Welcome to the Blockmason Weekly Update!

Hello, Blockmason community! Another week is upon us, which means it’s time for another Weekly Update.

In this edition of the Weekly Update, we’ll introduce you to the winners of the Credit Protocol Hackathon, share details for the Lndr v1.2 Launch Contest, share an article on marketing Blockchain projects and more.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Enter the Lndr v1.2 launch contest and win $1000 in ETH

Are you excited for Lndr v1.2? In early August we will release the next version of Lndr, which offers the ability to split bills or expenses in fiat currencies like USD. Now you will have the choice of using cryptocurrencies like Ether (ETH) or regular currencies to settle up with your friends and family! This is one of the most requested features for Lndr, and we’re excited to be able to offer it to our users.

To celebrate the release of Lndr v1.2, we’re hosting a launch contest with a grand prize of $1000 in Ether (ETH)! This contest is open to all Lndr and Blockmason fans around the world.

Entering the contest is simple: visit https://lndr.io/contest/ where you will find many different ways to collect entry ballots. The more entries you accumulate, the better chance you have to win!

What are you waiting for? Head over to https://lndr.io/contest/ and enter now!

What is Lndr?

Lndr is our peer-to-peer bill-splitting and expense-sharing mobile app for iOS and Android. It uses the Credit Protocol and the Ethereum blockchain to create, manage and settle casual debts and IOUs between friends. Essentially, "Venmo of the blockchain."

You can download Lndr for iOS on the App Store and Lndr for Android on Google Play

We’re excited to announce the winning entry in our recent hackathon: Gifter ?

Gifter is a decentralized application that allows users to trade gift cards with their peers, purchase gift cards from certain retailers, redeem gift cards in their inventory and more. Gifter is designed as a Google Chrome extension and uses the Credit Protocol and Ethereum blockchain to store data.

The dApp is developed by the team at 6Side: Liam Cope (CEO), Hunter Schofield (CTO), Akshay Sood (COO), Connor Dear (Developer), and Michael Romao (Developer).

Visit the team’s entry page on Github to learn more about Gifter: https://github.com/6ixside/gifter/tree/credit_protocol_submission

Congratulations to the 6Side team! Also, stay tuned to the Weekly Update for an interview with their CEO, Liam Cope, in the near future.

An update on the growing Blockmason community ?

The Blockmason community is continuing to grow, and now’s the time to get involved. If you have not joined our Telegram yet, we have a great community. Our Community Manager Ozzy Ordona had this to say on some of the things going on:

"There’s been a tremendous growth in our community at Blockmason! Currently, we have lots of ongoing activities and contests to get involved in, and tons of interesting and enthusiastic community members to engage with. We’ve got a growing community in Telegram from all over the world, and its the best place to get your news early on contests, airdrops, and everything Blockmason! We love meeting new community members, so come on already and join in on the conversation!"

Keep up to date on everything Blockmason by joining the Blockmason community on Telegram!

We have also got an airdrop going on now hosted by BountyHive. Check out this video or use the link below for more information on how to participate.

New Blockmason airdrop only 2000 qualifying spots left. Join before its full. You can register for our current airdrop. Make sure to get in before it’s over. You can visit https://bountyhive.io/airdrops/Blockmason to read all the airdrop rules and participation instructions.

The challenges of marketing Blockchain projects: 16 opinions ?

Blockmason CMO Erik MacKinnon was recently featured in a blog post by Andrey Sergeenkov on the realities of marketing new and emerging technologies.

The article takes a deeper look into many of the minds behind the promotion and marketing of several major Blockchain projects. In the article, 16 industry leaders gather their opinions about the complexities of marketing in the Blockchain niche.
Our very own Erik MacKinnon had this to say:

"The community of people around the world who are interested in blockchain startups, cryptocurrencies and the like is growing, but still small. So as a blockchain technology company we really have to work hard to stand out."
Check out the full commentary from Erik and many others by checking out the full article.

Read the full article here

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