📰 Blockmason Weekly Update: 2018–07–03


Welcome to the Blockmason Weekly Update!

Hello, Blockmason community! Another week is upon us, which means it’s time for another Weekly Update.

? We hope all our Canadian community members had a festive Canada Day this weekend, and we wish the same to those from the U.S.A. looking forward to Independence Day on July 4th! ?

Before we begin, we are still hunting for a Principal Software Engineer in North America. So if you know anyone who might be a fit, please encourage them to apply.

Now, on to the news! In this edition of the Weekly Update, we show off our new website, share the need for Blockmason’s Credit Protocol and more!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Blockmason.io Redesign is Now Complete

Over the past few weeks we have been working on a new look for our website, and we are happy to now share the completed design with our community.
We are excited and we hope you will be too. Here are some of the changes.

Our homepage is the first place you will see changes to our website along with a new navigation bar.

Click on the about link in the navigation bar to find Our Vision page with updated visuals.

We’ve got a new Lndr page along with information you can check out on The Credit Protocol.

You can check out the Partners and Developers page to get in contact with us if you are interested in developing on the Credit Protocol.

We have been thoroughly testing for bugs, but would love to hear your feedback if you run into any yourself. Let us know here.

Supreme Court’s Ruling Proves The Need For Blockmason’s Credit Protocol

This week, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of American Express in one of its many legal battles.

What you may not be aware of is that these companies fight a LOT of cases in the courts. And most of these battles are over the fees that they charge their customers, their merchants, or both.

Blockmason’s Credit Protocol can solve a lot of the issues with major credit card companies, including data privacy, lower fees, and no downtime.

Check out the full article on why the Credit Protocol is superior to the major credit card networks.

How Emerging Tech Vendors are Taking on Blockchain

Last week CMS Wire wrote about how companies like Blockmason aim to provide solutions that help blockchain participants react to market needs faster and more effectively.

They also point to some possible future uses of blockchain technology, and how any business, startup or development team who wants to use it to solve a credit problem can use the Credit Protocol to do so.

Read the full article here.

Blockmason CEO Michael Chin Visits Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei

This week, Blockmason CEO Michael Chin attended Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei. ABS is one of the larger blockchain technology conferences in Asia, with over 1000 attendees and more than 100 speakers.


At ABS, Michael networked and met with some of the key figures in the blockchain technology space, including one Changpeng Zhao, CEO and Founder of Binance:
The Blockmason team regularly attends conferences and events around the globe. If you are going to any of the larger blockchain technology conferences in the near future, be sure to let us know in our Telegram community!

Devin Canterberry Promoted to Chief Technical Officer

Blockmason is excited to announce that this week, Devin Canterberry was promoted to the position of Chief Technical Officer. As you may know, Devin previously held the title of Software Engineer and has been helping to lead development at Blockmason since joining us at the start of the year.

Before he joined the Blockmason team, Devin served as CTO for transportation services startup Roadify. He has also served as founder of Amused Pony Games, Principal Software Engineer at Silent Circle and Principal Software Engineer at Outreach.io. Devin is highly qualified to lead Blockmason’s development teams and we are excited to have him fill the role of CTO!

Tim Galebach, Blockmason co-founder and our previous Chief Technical Officer, has moved to Technical Advisor. We value Tim’s contributions and look forward to him sharing his wisdom and experience with the development team in the future.

The Blockmason Airdrop Continues

Have you registered for the Blockmason airdrop yet?
To register for the airdrop, please visit https://bountyhive.io/register and complete the signup process.

Once you are signed up, you can visit https://bountyhive.io/airdrops/Blockmason to read the airdrop rules and participation instructions.

Try Lndr Today!

Lndr is our peer-to-peer expense sharing app that uses the Credit Protocol and the Ethereum blockchain to create, manage and settle casual debts and IOUs between friends.
You can download Lndr for iOS on the App Store and Lndr for Android on the Google Play Store.

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