Blockmason Goes Global: Offering New App Onboarding Services

Credit Protocol Owners May Now Submit Applications for Launch Priority.

During the last few weeks, Blockmason has been ramping up its global technology, design, UI / UX, and development capacities. The medium-term to long-term plan is to provide significant support that is available to owners of BCPT in integrating their own apps, technologies, SAAS platforms, or other software onto the Credit Protocol.

We now have partners and technologists in 10 cities and 4 continents who are assisting in the larger launch opportunity for Credit Protocol. This can help YOU – the friends and owners of our tokens – in launching your own apps more quickly!

Owners of Credit Protocol tokens who require support in development, design, planning, or launching of their applications may also receive significant support from the Blockmason team.

For licensees and owners of tokens, here are three key elements to be aware of:
(1) Scalable: Global Team & Scalability.
We have built and are in the process of onboarding and syncing up a scalable team of app, backend, and blockchain developers. Currently, we have partners in technology and business working in 10 cities, on 4 continents. Once our first app is released from the internal team, we’ll be supporting other apps that owners of BCPT want to launch on the blockchain.

(2) Support: BCPT Owners Receive Priority Support.
For our fellow owners of Credit Protocol tokens, we want to offer priority support in integrating and launching apps to the Ethereum blockchain. We are already supporting multiple owners in exploring how to more efficiently launch their apps and how to best integrate with Credit Protocol smart contracts. Please reach out to if you want to discuss launching an app.

(3) App Partnership: BCPT Owners Who Want to Own a Specific App.
In addition to supporting token owners on apps of interest to them, we have dozens of potential apps to launch on top of Credit Protocol – if you are interested in partnering in an app launch, owning an app, or need ideas or markets to license, we are happy to work with you on this front as well. Please contact to begin a discussion with our teams!

Thank you for partnering with us in launching the future of credit and lending! We look forward to working with all of you more deeply as we move ahead!

// Blockmason Team