Blockmason Files New Patents for the Credit Protocol

Under review from USPTO, Blockmason seeks to own “credit” area in
the Blockchain technology.

For months, we have been working on refining excellent patent application documents – getting the right designs, claims, and drawings to support the technologies we are developing in parallel with our programming teams.

When developing new technologies with global application, companies should use a mix of trade secret (i.e. keeping ideas internal), and patent protection (i.e. formal publishing of one’s inventions).

Blockmason has consulted closely with its in-house general counsel, as well as external patent and intellectual property attorneys. The project has been coordinated among our technologists, business leads, partners, and legal team.

In a field of rapid business and technology advancement, one of the best ways to protect certain new ideas is to seek out the publishing of unique and novel advances under patent filings in the U.S. and other countries’ patent systems.

We have filed very specific, detailed claims for the Credit Protocol, together with broader claims where the state of the prior art warrants, in ways that offer Blockmason a major opportunity for long-term leadership in this emerging field of the blockchain-based lending and borrowing.

In fact, many of the world’s largest energy, technology, medical, and financial companies have begun with significant intellectual property claims – from the light bulb to the automobile, to computers, internet and cell phones.

Our goal is to lead Blockmason to a position of global significance in the applied blockchain technology space. We thank you for your partnership as friends and partners in developing the Credit Protocol based apps and technologies.

We look forward to more announcements in this arena as things move forward with the USPTO and other global patent offices!

// Blockmason Team