Blockmason Announces Key Partnership to Expand Markets in Japan

One of Japan’s leading cryptocurrency marketing agencies, BaseLayer, has announced a partnership with Blockmason. The company will assist in the launch of the Lndr app, will connect major partners to build new applications of the Credit Protocol, and will create broader awareness in Japan of the transformative potential of Blockmason’s core technology.

With Japan’s global leadership in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption and innovation, BaseLayer is well-positioned to explore and expand opportunities for the Credit Protocol.

Yuta Ichimaru, the CEO of BaseLayer explained, “We believe in Japan’s leadership in finance and crypto innovation — and we see Blockmason as one of the keys to unlock these markets.”

Mr. Ichimaru went on to say, “Our role is to identify and assist partners in trade, finance and banking who need the Credit Protocol to design and develop their new crypto-driven credit and lending platforms.”

As the third largest economy in the world, Japan already plays a major role in the traditional banking, finance, and lending markets. These are among the key industry areas that the Credit Protocol can facilitate transition into a new blockchain-enabled economy with greater security, transparency, and reliability.

BaseLayer has deep capabilities throughout Japan and across a wide area of relationships and marketing — including existing relationships, placement in online and offline media publications, hosting events and meetups, and building the technology community and discussion support.

The company is considered a thought leader in cryptocurrency markets for Japan, and has worked closely with select clients to raise awareness of blockchain products, services and the underlying tokens that facilitate them.

In addition to its core expertise of marketing, BaseLayer is developing in-house technologies, trading, and market adoption protocols to work closely with crypto assets across all elements of their growth, awareness and expansion.

Michael Chin, co-founder of Blockmason, said, “We are very excited to work with BaseLayer, as we see Japan’s key role in the future of blockchain, and BaseLayer is already creating major waves in the market’s awareness of how blockchain can reshape industries.”

About BaseLayer
With over 30 partners and staff, BaseLayer is the leading crypto marketing agency in Japan. They specialize in media and community engagement, events, and awareness. The firm also has its own growing asset management platform and builds targeted technologies to complement its human capital and offline relationships.

About Blockmason
Blockmason created the Credit Protocol, and the related ‘BCPT’ token, which facilitates the tracking of debts and credits on the blockchain. This creates a permanent, immutable ledger of credit and debt transactions, offering more reliability and security than any prior system. A successful token sale was completed October 16th 2017. For parties interested in building on BCPT, the tokens are currently available publicly on Binance, KuCoin, Gatecoin, Cryptopia and EtherDelta. Blockmason is currently engaged in assisting and advising partners to build new, large-scale distributed applications using its token.