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Two Blockchain Firsts Just Happened:
1st Consumer Blockchain Mobile DApp Hits Apple and Google App Stores & 1st Records of Debt Obligations Written onto the Blockchain

For Immediate Release: March 8, 2018 — Hype around blockchain is overwhelming, but when will we see products we can actually use? We thought the same thing and created Lndr, personal lending powered by blockchain technology.

Lndr (lender) is the first consumer mobile distributed application (DApp) that lets users split, track and settle expenses between friends and family — and it’s not theoretical, you can download it right now on both App and Google Play stores! It’s a small step, but an important one for a new era that puts users first. Blockchain technology can have a huge impact on addressing flaws with current financial services, through accessible transparency and security. Not only was the first credit obligation was recorded onto the blockchain, but the first settlement of such obligation was done via Ethereum.

What makes Lndr unique?

Lndr is built on top of the Credit Protocol, which was developed by Blockmason as a standardized, reliable method for recording debts and credits on the blockchain. This protocol functions as a foundation for building distributed applications that involve accounting, default tracking, account receivables, or tracking any form of financial obligations.

About Blockmason: We are builders for the Blockchain Era. We believe that blockchain is the architectural foundation for the next millennium — and we see Blockmason building a formidable edifice of excellent libraries, contracts, programs, apps, content, and market makers.

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