BLINK + Binance Chain Migration FAQ

How many BLINK tokens will migrate to Binance Chain?

20% of the total supply of BLINK ERC20 tokens will migrate to Binance Chain. 1,000,000,000 tokens are being burned from the ERC20 supply in order to issue the equivalent amount of BLINK-9C6 on Binance chain.

When 20% of the BLINK ERC20 token supply moves to BEP2, where do they come from?

As mentioned in our Link whitepaper, 35% of the total supply is reserved for other chains (1,750,000,000 tokens). We’re excited to have our BLINK-BEP2 tokens listed on the Binance DEX as our first alternative chain token. These tokens were previously locked and not in circulation.

Will ERC20 BLINK tokens be swapped for BEP2 BLINK?

We are exploring an automated way to swap with Binance and will let the community know when a process is in place

How and when can BLINK BEP2 tokens be acquired?

You can acquire the BLINK-BEP2 token variant after the Binance DEX listing using BNB at the market rate.

Will a BLINK ERC20 to BEP2 swap ever be available?

If Binance elects to list BLINK-ERC20 on their main exchange in the future, then users will be able to swap from ERC20 -> BEP2. But this is a decision to be made by Binance and we have no timeline on this.

Will BLINK BEP2 tokens be available from any community activities?

As always, there is supply reserved for marketing activities, so tokens of all variants may be earned over time as we develop more marketing and community activities and campaigns.