BCPT Binance Airdrop Announcement

Dear Blockmason Supporter,

We are excited to share that on 2 March 2018 0:00 AM (UTC) Binance will distribute 3 BCPTs to each of their top 500k accounts (by BNB balance size) for a total of 1.5m BCPTs.

Please refer to Binance’s announcement here.

The following FAQ is based on questions from the Blockmason community.

1. What’s is Blockmason Credit Protocol Token (BCPT)?
The Credit Protocol was developed by the founders of Blockmason as a standardized, reliable method for storing debts and credits on the blockchain.

Two main features make the Credit Protocol unique:

  • Obligations must be confirmed by both parties
  • And records are saved permanently on the blockchain

The Credit Protocol serves as a foundation for building applications that record financial and real-world transactions. With this standardized protocol, a near infinite amount of applications involving credit and debt become possible.

The Credit Protocol is powered by its BCPT token, a product-use token required for running dapps built on top of it. Blockmason team provides significant support to those companies and developers that want to develop such applications.

2. What is the Binance BCPT Airdrop? What’s this airdrop for?
As a gift to the community, Blockmason and Binance have decided to airdrop 3 BCPTs to each of the top 500k BNB accounts on the Binance platform.

3. How do users participate in the airdrop campaign? Who is eligible? Do users have to have BCPT?
You don’t have to do anything to participate. If you are among Binance’s top 500k accounts by BNB holdings, you will receive 3 BCPT airdropped to your address. Account holders do not need to hold BCPTs to be qualified.

4. Where will the participants receive the tokens?
In your Binance exchange BCPT wallet.

5. When will the balance of my account be calculated?
The snapshot of BNB balances for the airdrop will occur at 2018/03/02 0:00 AM (UTC).

// Blockmason Team