BCPT Airdrop Announcement

Dear Blockmason Supporter,

We’re extremely excited to announce that beginning today, March 5, 2018 at 7PM EST has launched a massive BCPT Token Airdrop campaign!

We hope you enjoy this token of our appreciation. By distributing BCPT Tokens, we hope you will further spread the word about Blockmason and the Credit Protocol and help build our community.

Below we outlined how to join the Airdrop, what BCPT is and when participants can expect to receive BCPT tokens.

What is BCPT?
BCPT stands for the Blockmason Credit Protocol Token. The Credit Protocol was developed by the founders of Blockmason as a standardized, reliable method for storing debts and credits on the blockchain.

Here are the two main features that make the Credit Protocol unique:

  • Obligations must be confirmed by both parties.
  • And records are saved permanently on the blockchain.

The Credit Protocol serves as a foundation for building applications that record financial and real-world transactions. With this standardized protocol, a near infinite amount of applications involving credit and debt become possible. Think about apps for microlending, retail gift cards/ loyalty programs or consumer loans, among many.

The Credit Protocol is powered by its BCPT token, a utility token required for running dapps built on top of it. The Blockmason team provides significant support to companies and developers that want to develop such applications.

What is the BCPT Airdrop?
As a gift to the community, Blockmason is airdropping 500,000 BCPT to our current and new community members.

How can I participate in the Airdrop?
Participation in the Airdrop is very simple, and takes minutes to complete once you have an AirdropX account. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Create an AirdropX account anytime prior or during the Airdrop here, using your Eth address (MEW, Jaxx, etc.). Please beware, DO NOT use Exchanges’ addresses for the airdrop signup.
Step 2. Once your account is created (check your email to activate your account). Once your account is activated you can join the BCPT Airdrop when it launches today, March 5th at 7PM EST.
Step 3. Join our Telegram Channel.
Step 4. Share the Airdrop Link on Facebook and tag @blockmasonio.
Step 5. Confirm your ETH Address (MEW, Jaxx, etc.). Note: please ensure you do not use exchange wallets, as they are not supported by AirdropX platform.

Bonus BCPT: Download Lndr app developed by Blockmason to be eligible for 2X the Tokens! Once you complete Step 5, you will automatically be redirected to instructions on how to download the app and become eligible for bonus tokens.

Who is eligible for the Airdrop?
Anyone who has an intention to build an application on Blockmason’s Credit Protocol! Ok, we are kidding. You don’t have to have an intention to build an awesome application on the Credit Protocol, but we thought we’d mention that, so you might as well 🙂

So yes, anyone is eligible, as long as you complete each of the above steps! And no, you don’t have to have previously owned BCPT.

How and when will I receive BCPT?
Airdrop participants will receive BCPT tokens at the ETH address provided during registration. Please note: we cannot distribute tokens to ETH addresses associated with any exchanges.

AirdropX will be distributing Airdrop tokens every two weeks after the Airdrop launches. When the tokens are distributed, recipients will receive an email notification through the email they signed up with to the AirdropX platform.

How much BCPT will I receive?
Each Airdrop participant will receive 2 BCPT tokens. If you complete the Bonus step you will receive additional 2 BCPT tokens.

Which wallets can receive the BCPT airdrop?
Only non-exchange wallets such as MEW or Jaxx can receive tokens from AirdropX.

Do I need to hold BCPT after they are airdopped to my address?
No, there are no restrictions on what you can do with BCPT after they are sent to you.

We hope you will find this information helpful, and if you still have questions, please ask us in our Telegram Channel.

If you have issues signing up on AirdropX website, please email the support team at hello@airdropx.com.


// Blockmason Team