App Users Needed

Yesterday the Lndr UCAC was successfully deployed to the mainnet. Since then our developers switched the app to start using the mainnet UCAC and have been going over everything to make sure weird bugs didn’t pop up. Today we’re ready to allow a limited group to use Lndr!

Our ideal Lndr app user notices details, is interested in blockchain tech, and is keen to share their Lndr experience with the rest of the community in the form of posts, screenshots and videos if possible. We select users across a spectrum of geography, language, and platforms (iOS and Android) and will give preference to those who have been active in helping improve the awareness of BLOCKMASON and Lndr.

If you’re interested in using the app and reporting back to us on your experience, please contact us at Please include any relevant experience, your twitter and social media handles, and the make and model of your phone.

// Blockmason Team