Announcing A Major Pilot Program: Blockmason <> Coral Health <> Principle Health Systems

Yesterday, we announced our new partnership with Coral Finance, a subdivision of Coral Health.

Today, we have another exciting announcement to make. Principle Health Systems has provided a Letter of Intent to begin a pilot program with Coral Health and Blockmason upon successful Coral Health seed funding. Based in Houston, Principle Health Systems is a leading health service organization. The company’s mission is to provide physicians and patients with personalized, seamless healthcare products and services, such as clinical laboratory testing and pharmacological services. Principle Health Systems supports seven hospitals, three pharmacies, and more than 500 physicians across the United States.

We’re thrilled with Principle Health Systems’ interest in the combined vision of Coral Health and Blockmason on developing an efficient, decentralized health records platform.

The pilot program with Principle Health Systems will be a rollout of soon-to-be developed health data and finance applications, that will be used across the Principle Health Systems’ network of physicians and patients. Among these applications is one that will use the foundation of the Blockmason Credit Protocol to enable a robust debt/credit tracking system among doctors, patients, and insurance companies.

Principle Health Systems places particular importance on embracing new technologies. Because of this focus, it is looking forward to working with Coral Health to develop innovative platforms on the Blockchain and to fuel a competitive advantage in the healthcare market.

Coral Health’s angel funding round for its development and commercialization plans is underway, and the company is hiring its first full-time team members. Upon the completion of the fundraising round, Coral Health will begin the Principle Health Systems pilot program. So far, Coral Health has been overwhelmed by the interest it has received since officially announcing.

If you’re interested to learn more about the pilot program for Blockmason, Coral Health and Principle Health Systems, we’ve included their Letter of Intent below. To learn more about and engage with the Coral Health team, join their Telegram chat. The team has an amazing depth of health data, insurance, and research experience, and is excited to answer all of your questions about the project!

//Blockmason Team

Principle Health Systems Letter of Intent: