A Day in the Life of the Blockmason Founders

Unless you’ve explored or worked in the technology world, the work Blockmason team does on a daily basis might seem elusive. Because the day-to-day operations can get overly technical, it’s common instead for founders and developers to talk in generalities. They tell people, “I build software that does xyz,”. But of course, the end product isn’t what consumes their daily activities. There’s so much background work that goes into these developments.

Sure, they’re building a platform on the blockchain, but what does that actually look like in terms of hours and minutes of the day? Let’s peer into the workings of the Blockmason team, and talk to co-founders Jared Bowie and Tim Galebach to gain their insight and perspective to get a clearer picture of what life at Blockmason is like.

Even though you’ve co-founded this team together, of course, both of you have your own unique habits in daily life, like in your food preferences. So, what’s on the menu for breakfast?

Jared: Most often I’ll reheat food — lasagna or beef stew or even takeout like tikka masala from last night’s dinner. Not to say I don’t like breakfast food, I just prefer to spend the least amount of time on breakfast, so I can focus on my work. I am most productive during mornings, and I make sure it is spent in the most valuable way possible.

Tim: Unlike Jared, I’m a more traditional breakfaster. I usually don’t go for anything fancy or preparation-intensive, but I do like a big bowl of cereal, alongside a cup of coffee. In the colder months, I like to substitute my cereal for something similar but hotter, like oatmeal.

Once you start your workday, what’s the first thing you take care of? What are the most pressing issues that you address first?

Tim: We have a time difference in the company right now because Michael, our third co-founder, is primarily in China, Hong Kong, and Korea, Jared is on the East Coast, and I’m on the West Coast. So these days, I’ll wake up in the morning and there will be hundreds of messages waiting for me, mostly in Telegram and email. My morning, then, is spent sorting through all of the information that I’ve received overnight, keeping an eye out for anything particularly urgent that needs immediate attention. Then I’ll check my calendar and prepare for the calls and meetings on business development, new partnerships some if which we’ve announced recently, and potential hires, and that will go on for the most of the morning.

Jared: I have a very similar start to the day. Because of the time differences, I wake up with a full inbox, often with entire message threads waiting for my response. So, I try to respond as soon as possible. That takes a good portion of my morning. Sometimes, it can take all morning to sort through those emails, because it’s often been an entire work day’s worth of communication for the other team members.

Once I’m done with that and the managing that comes along with leading a team, I can turn to a focusing on longer-term priorities. I look at our project progress and monitor our plans for the upcoming days and weeks. I take that time to make sure we’re on track with our goals, even and especially when there are unexpected challenges that come up. And it seems like there are always unexpected challenges, which is just another part of building a platform based on a new technology such as Ethereum blockchain.

And what does the rest of the day usually look like?

Jared: Recently I’ve been focused on a wide variety of projects, such as updating the Whitepaper and strategizing the content for announcements and updates. I’m also managing new team members, helping them get up to speed. Those are the more immediate things that I spend time on during the day. In addition, I am focused on building a marketing strategy for the company, so I’ve been strategizing about that and building it into place. It can be a juggling act at a time, but all of those facets are necessary for the team to run smoothly, and to continue moving in the right direction.

These responsibilities take most of the day. I’m also always on call to answer any questions of our team members and help them plan and execute next steps. Every day we are focused on moving towards our long- and short-term goals, and making sure we’re handling our operations as quickly, efficiently, and professionally as possible.

Tim: After I finish reviewing messages and emails I received overnight, I focus on the technical developments that have happened. Then there’ll be calls through the day with developers, to discuss what we have built and our next steps and priorities. There are always unexpected issues that come up — new bugs, new constraints we hadn’t thought of, and most of them are just a part of building a platform using a new technology such as the blockchain— and we have to find a way to fix and work around them.

Throughout the day, I’m reviewing each aspect of the project, checking multiple Telegram chats, catching up with team members, driving priority tasks. All of that work typically takes up my entire day, from about 8 am until about 10 pm, with breaks for food or going to the gym. Sometimes, I speak at the industry conferences, as I did recently, but due to the limited time, I try to be very selective with those.

Many thanks to Tim and Jared for answering these questions, and for letting us in on their daily lives and behind-the-scenes operations! Stay tuned for more insights from Blockmason, and along the way, learn more about what it’s like to be on the inside of the development, from the ground level up: the processes that founders go through to keep their ideas fresh, to get Lndr up and running, and to build new partnerships.

// Blockmason Team