"A new architecture is emerging -
to usher in a new era of human prosperity"

Est. 8,000 BCE

Our generation will build the most reliable and accessible digital architecture yet surfaced by human ingenuity.

The legacy of Blockmason will be our partnership in the most central tenets - laying the cornerstone of the new age.


Our protocols are laying groundwork for the most basic social currencies -
human needs such as lending to one another, better care in sickness and health, and quickly building real trust in civic and social settings.


The Credit Protocol is a system for permanently recording ledgers of debts and credits between parties using the Ethereum blockchain. It guarantees the permanence and reliability of records stored, as well as enforcing specified smart contract properties such as the confirmation of credits by participating parties and the verification of the identities of contracting parties by way of cryptographic signatures.


Blockmason Announcements


- Why Blockmason?

The name Blockmason indicates the craftsmanship, artisanship, and sweat equity to build the seamless networks of infrastructure, buildings, and architecture around us – the framework of life where we live, work, and play. Blockmason contributes to the robust new foundations of life built on various blockchains, and enabling the next wave of human progress.

+ Who We Are

Blockmason is a growing team of accomplished developers and professionals from their respective industries. We leverage both specialists and generalists – including a deep bench of multi- lingual world travelers, diversified investors, technology mavens, competitive athletes, history buffs, chess enthusiasts – and worst of all, far too many overachievers with undergrad and graduate credentials from Harvard and Yale.

+ Where We Are

We are currently in at least four continents and six countries on any given day. Collectively, we have lived in more than 25 countries globally – and we care deeply for the positive impact blockchains can have on global commerce and society as a whole.

+ Spoken and Written Languages

Our team members love languages. Current proficiency includes: French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Latin, Greek, Hebrew

+ Work With Us

Blockmason is currently expanding our team, and looking especially for proactive, high-energy individuals who can bring deep technical talent, management expertise, or social media savvy. If one of these is your strong suit, please contact us via[email protected]


Anthony DiIorio
Co-Founder Ethereum
Founder, Jaxx

Richard Kastelein
Founder, Blockchain News
Cryptocurrency investor

Lewis Fellas
Fmr Harvard University Endowment Mgr
Crypto Fund Founder

Orichal Partners
Cryptocurrency investors
Blockchain advisory firm

Richard Halvorson
Investor, Entrepreneur
Co-Founder Surf Air

Stephen Galebach
Securities Attorney
Fmr US Dept of Justice


Timothy Galebach

Jared Bowie

Michael Chin

Matt Smithies
Mobile Dev Lead

Kenneth Cornutt
Finance Director

William Galebach
Frontend Engineer

Teddy Ninh
Design & Artistic Director

Elvina Kamalova
Director of Growth & Marketing Lead

Jesse Nee-Vogelmann
Technical Writer